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Reflection: Switching Careers

It’s been over 1 ½ years since I left the library field and entered the technology arena. The pay cut was the certainly a bitter pill to swallow. As an Assistant Library Director, I made over $50,000; my initial switch into technology yielded a pay cut of about half my income. I had to make some hard choices such as downsizing my car and apartment. My salary has since increased about $10,000 annually, which makes it possible for me to make student loan payments and make payments on my credit cards. Overall, working in a field that I enjoy makes all the difference!










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Some weeks at work are stressful, as they would be at any job, but even during those weeks, I still enjoy the work and that makes my smaller budget worthwhile. I was very fortunate during my career switch that I was able to find a job in the same organization – I basically switched departments – I work with the same co-workers that I worked with at the library. I was also very fortunate that my current Director was willing to hire a librarian for a technology job – not every hiring manager is able to look beyond the job titles on my resume and see the possibilities of hiring an employee from another field. Changing careers was truly a leap of faith: I believed that my pay would increase and that I would be happier in the technology field – I’m happy to report that both turned out to come true!