Creating a More Diverse Workforce

In May, Google released data on their workforce that showed Google employees are 30% women and 5% African-American or Hispanic.  Google isn’t just working to change its ways; Google also released a video on how hiring managers can become less biased and why it’s important.  Google was once known for its dreaded brainteasers during interviews.  Research studies have shown that structured interviews yield a more diverse workplace.  A diverse workforce isn’t just politically correct, it’s a way to bring new ideas into your organizational culture.  A diverse workforce doesn’t just bring new ideas from new hires; a diverse workforce can create an atmosphere that welcomes new ideas from existing employees.

Subnetting Made Easy

In Professor Messor’s July Network+ Study Group, a fellow student mentioned that if you Google “Magic Box IP Subnetting” there’s an easy way to subnet. Subnetting is often the hardest thing to learn for new networking students.  I came across a YouTube video that really makes subnetting easy! I wish I had learned this while I was taking Cisco 1.  Big “Thank You!” to leoric80 for his video!


Technology Job Websites – Fargo, Moorhead & West Fargo (North Dakota)

During my latest job search, I compiled a list of websites for technology jobs.  I hope this lists assists others in their job search!


Job Search Websites


Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo Companies


Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo Government


Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo Colleges & Universities


This is why libraries have book sales!

It occurs to me at every library book sale that book sales aren’t really about the books. It’s one of the rare moments in time when book people get together. Sometimes we browse in silence and other times we discuss our books, our lives, and the strange ways that our lives intersect. As I browsed through boxes of library discards and donated items, I complimented a woman her unique ringtone. She just smiled, then she seemed to recognize me, she asked me about being the North Dakota Library Association’s Archivist and what my plans were since resigning my position. She later mentioned that she went to school in the building that is now my library. She said the building has changed so much that she barely recognized it except from the outside. She wanted to see some old high school yearbooks, I pointed her in the direction of the Historical Center and told her Jackie could help her locate the yearbooks.

State of the Cities

This is one of my favorite annual events in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area!

State of the Cities 2014 3 State of the Cities 2014 2 State of the Cities 2014 1a

This Weekend’s Reading


Lovely North Dakota Day

Winter 2013-11-24            Winter 2013-11-24 2

Winter Sky 2013-11-24                              Sunshine 2013-11-24

NDLA / SDLA / MPLA Tri-Conference

NDLA Conference 2013 NDLA Conference 2013NDLA Conference 2013NDLA Conference 2013NDLA Conference 2013

Whitestone Hill

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Mentoring & Managing: Students in the Academic Library By Michelle Reale

Mentoring and Managing Book Image

If you take your librarian calling seriously, you don’t just do your job – You’re writing book reviews and articles, holding office in your library associations, and constantly gaining new skills.  You’re busy, we all are.  But are you grooming the next generation of librarians by mentoring and managing?  While this book is written for librarians who supervise students in the academic library, librarians in every type of library will find ways to mentor and manage the next generation of librarians.  While not every student or worker in the library wants to be a librarian, a good mentor might make the difference between a worker and a future librarian.  Reale covers hiring to training to motivating to cultivating the mentor relationship.  This concise, brief book (at about 100 pages) provides just enough information to start your mentoring today!