Microsoft’s Free Resource: Microsoft Virtual Academy

As an Information Technology professional, on-going learning is critical to keeping up with the latest technology and learning new skills.  Whether you’re studying for a certification or learning about the latest software release, you’ll find resources for both on Microsoft Virtual Academy.  In the constantly changing information technology field, it’s often a struggle to keep current with the latest technology.  Books used to be the way to learn about technology years ago, but by the time a book is published, the information may already be out-of-date.  Microsoft has responded to this dilemma by offering free resources on Microsoft Virtual Academy.





Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) includes videos, learning plans, live Q & A, and access to free e-books.  The MVA website can be overwhelming for the new user, so be sure to start in the section that most applies to your area: Developers, IT Pros, Data Pros, or Students.    If you sign into your Microsoft account, you can add courses to your learning plan which will make it easy to locate courses the next time you sign-in.  Some of the videos are short and others are long.  For example, if you’re studying for Microsoft’s 70-346 Exam, the video Managing Office 365 Identities and Services covers the exam topics and includes 9 hours of videos.  Be sure to sign-up for MVA’s emails on the Born to Learn blog.   If you’re on Twitter, MVA is very active on Twitter and if you post a Tweet with the @MSVirtAcademy hashtag, they’ll respond to you and ask how your studying is going!


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