Review: CompTIA A+ Complete Video Course 220-901

Note: This review is made possible through Pearson IT Certification Review Program.  If you’re an information technology professional, this  program is a great way to read Pearson books or watch Pearson videos in exchange for your review.  


CompTIA A+ Complete Video Course 220-901 includes four modules, 34 lessons, quizzes, and performance based exercises.  If you’ve picked up the CompTIA A+ Exam Cram book, you’re already familiar with the author David Prowse. These videos provide an excellent compliment to the information that you’ll read inCompTIA A+ Exam Cram. While you get enough the information in the Exam Cram book to pass the exam, these videos provide a much needed video compliment to the material. CompTIA A+ Complete Video Course 220-901 covers the CompTIA A+ objectives (including motherboard, CPU, RAM, storage, BIOS, network troubleshooting tools, etc.).

New technicians with limited work experience will find it helpful to see videos for the installation of a motherboard and CPU – while these videos don’t take the place of real-world experience, they are helpful to demonstrate how to correctly install these technologies.

Prowse provides lots of helpful advice (mini videos within lessons called “Tech Tip!!”) such as how verify that a case fan has been installed correctly, use the paper test: put a piece of paper against the fan to see if it’s pulling or pushing the paper.

You can watch the entire series from beginning to end or just watch certain sections.  After you finish watching a video, a yellow check mark will appears next to the video which is a helpful feature if you only have enough time to watch one video at a time.

VERDICT Whether you’re studying for the CompTIA A+ Exam or just refreshing your knowledge, these videos cover the information that you’ll encounter on the CompTIA A+ exam in bite-sized videos.




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  1. New technicians with limited work experience, and will get to watch videos for a motherboard and CPU installation – the videos do not take the place of real-world experience, and to install the technology correctly how are helpful to show for.

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