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Mentoring & Managing: Students in the Academic Library By Michelle Reale

Mentoring and Managing Book Image

If you take your librarian calling seriously, you don’t just do your job – You’re writing book reviews and articles, holding office in your library associations, and constantly gaining new skills.  You’re busy, we all are.  But are you grooming the next generation of librarians by mentoring and managing?  While this book is written for librarians who supervise students in the academic library, librarians in every type of library will find ways to mentor and manage the next generation of librarians.  While not every student or worker in the library wants to be a librarian, a good mentor might make the difference between a worker and a future librarian.  Reale covers hiring to training to motivating to cultivating the mentor relationship.  This concise, brief book (at about 100 pages) provides just enough information to start your mentoring today!

3-D Printer Demonstration

Steve (brother of a staff member) gave the Director and myself a demonstration of a 3-D printer. I had never seen a 3-D printer in person. It was such a treat to be able to ask questions from someone who has a 3-D printer. We asked tons of questions about software, time to create objects, safety, materials, and costs.

3-D Printer 2013-08-08 1

3-D Printer 2013-08-08 3

3-D Printer 2013-08-08 4

3-D Printer 2013-08-08 2

Table Project

Took a short break from my usual programming before school starts in three weeks to paint a table.  Someone had painted a light blue table black.  I stripped the table, sanded it, and repainted it.

Table - Black 2013

Black was not a good color for this table.

Table - Striping 2013

Removing the black paint.

Table - Sanded 2013


Table - Finished 2013

Final color!