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Librarybox Kickstarter

This is your chance to be part of library technology history – be a supporter of Librarybox!  Librarybox is a low-budget way to share files with anyone (even without Internet or power).  While I can think of dozens of ways to use Librarybox inside my library or during outreach – Librarybox provides a unique way for those in third world countries to bring technology and reading to students.  If you’re a programmer, you’ll be delighted to know Librarybox’s source code is open source.  Hope you can help support this awesome project!


Summer in North Dakota

Summer Park 2013-06-27 1

Beautiful day in North Dakota!

Summer Flowers 2013-06-27 1

Technology Confession: Start Button


Dear Microsoft,

I love the live tiles!  Really!  Good job on creating a fun environment for work and personal apps.  Now, can we have a talk about the start button?  For the love of all that is holy in the tech world, bring it back!  The taskbar just isn’t as useful without the blessed start button.  I can pin the control panel and power shell to the taskbar, but it just isn’t the same.

Thank you,

Windows 8 User

Why Copyright is Important

Copyright law isn’t an easy thing for the non-librarian to understand.  Too often the reasons for copyright are weighted down by what users can’t do and usage fees.  I was recently delighted to see The University at Albany Libraries created a YouTube video which focuses on the reason for copyright – authorship!

Experimenting with Perl

Perl Screen Shot

Experimenting with Perl.  I’m using Padre for writing code and running programs.


Holiday Cupcakes

Cupcakes 2013-06-24

Happily setting aside my “no cooking” rule for delicious cupcakes.  


16 GB Flash Drive

16 GB Flash Drive

I purchased this 16 GB flash drive at Office Max for $12 – memory is getting super cheap.

North Dakota Library Association Executive Board Meeting

NDLA's new webmaster was very excited talking about the redesign

NDLA’s new webmaster was very excited talking about the redesign

NDLA Executive Board Meeting 2013-06-14 2